Why am I doing this?

I’m a numbers guy…whatever that means. I’ve just grown to appreciate their objective nature. Often, I’ve held their value above any other form of communication because of the irrefutable evidence that one plus one equals two.

But, as society offloads thought to statistical models, we lose our edge. And writing is a tool meant to be kept sharp. It is not only essential in developing analysis but also a key diffuser of information. profile.png Sure, numbers tell stories, but solely as good as the storyteller. Aswath Damadoran exclaims, “A well told story connects with listeners in a way that numbers never can.” Writing enables us to explain and refine our ideas to ourselves and others. Without this medium, the value of a number is hollow.

Rationally Thought is an experiment to push myself to write more and continue the tradition of documented thought. It will serve as a platform to construct my theses on the world. The public nature of the site will hold me accountable, and one day, I hope to have crafted a plethora of meaningful essays – mostly as a justification for the search functionality built into this site.

I’m especially interested in understanding the underlying variables that drive value loops throughout companies’ core functions. I also enjoy connecting smaller components to macro frameworks. Through deconstruction and reorganization, I’ll voice my thoughts on various matters. I’ll explore a range of themes and make an argument for industries, businesses and ideas that I believe in.

I hope that one day readers enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy attempting to tell great stories.

Thank you,